It's like if rustic decor and America had a baby. Primitive decor mixes, aged woods with Americana accessories to create a warm, cabin-in-the-woods style.

What it is:

A little bit rustic, a little bit cottage-y, primitive decor is a style that originated in the USA and featured heavy use of stars, and the American flag. The palette is usually darker than a Cottage decor or French Country decor, but uses many of the same elements: aged furniture, lots of wood, and DIY.

Color Palettes:

The color profile for primitive decor is predominantly dark, and can vary from cool to warm, depending on your preference. Coppers, browns, and blacks are heavily featured. Here are a few colors that fit the bill.

Key Features:

If you've ever been to an arts & crafts fair, then you've seen primitive decor. Primitive decor is very heavy in DIY, crafting, and incorporation of Americana trinkets like flags, stars, and sometimes angels. Repurposing is a big element of this decorating style, especially when it comes to farmhouse goods like mason jars, old windows, and mesh. Incorporation of found objects, like branches, window frames, and wood ladders is also heavily featured.

Things to Keep in Mind:

It's hard to do this in a way that would be seen as “classical.” That's not to say that primitive decor is tacky, but rather it's heavy on the craft/handmade elements and imperfections are seen to add to the value of the decor. Consequently, if you're not into DIY, this might not be a style you can incorporate easily without purchasing pre-made pieces from artists.

Tools You'll Need for Primitive Decor DIY Projects:

  • Sandpaper or a Power Sander – For getting off the lacquer or sheen on wood floors, cabinets, and furniture
  • Wood Stain – Dark wood or red tins are best for this decorating style
  • Miter saws – If you're going to build your own furniture or remodel a thrift store find, a basic miter saw is your best bet for getting started. Later on you can upgrade to a compound miter saw, which is AMAZING.
  • Wire snippers – Lots of project involve adding things like mesh or chicken wire
  • Spray paint for metal

A Few Favorite Primitive Decor Examples:


Get Started with These Primitive Decor Accessories:

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